The rose reflects the philosophy of our firm.
The universal symbol of the rose is at the same time simple and complex, soft and strong depending on the approach, but always elegant.
During Antiquity the expression “sub rosa” or “under the rosa” meant “in secret and confidential”. The English expression “sub rosa” still translates to “confidential”.
We can guarantee absolute confidentiality in our services.

Rue de Livourne − Livornostraat 13−15 – 1060 Brussels – Belgium
Phone: +32-2-5383250 | Fax: +32-2-5380799
Lawyers: Mrs Sandra Gobert, Mrs Anne Duchez, Mrs Laetitia Vanden Ameele


Sandra Gobert

Sandra Gobert

Practice Areas: Company law and corporate governance, Contract law, Commercial law.
Graduate in Law by the University of Málaga, 1989

Languages: Native Dutch speaker with fluent English and French (especially legal English and French) and a basic knowledge of German and Italian.

  • Cand. Iur., 1989 UFSIA Antwerp, Lic. Iur., 1992 VUB Brussels
  • Bar pactice with Mr Eric Peiffer, tax law, 1992 – 1995
  • Regular postgraduate training in competition law, commercial law and corporate law.
  • Also holds ‘Director Effectiveness’ and ‘Board Effectiveness’ certificats and GUBERNA Diploma/license.
  • Professional Experience
  • Teaching Dutch to speakers of French, RVA Brussels, 1990 – 1992
  • Staff manager for Flanders, OFUP (Office Universitaire de la Presse), 1991 – 1992 (
  • Member of the Brussels bar since 1992
  • Initiator and organiser of the merger between LAW LINK EEIG and THE EUROPEAN BUSINESS LAW FIRM EEIG, December 1997
    Managing Director of LAW LINK – The Global Law Group EEIG, 1997 – 2004
  • President of Artemis Brussels – Carreer network Markant, 2007 – juin 2011
  • Director of ADS GROUP, 2008 – present
Laetitia Vanden Ameele

Laetitia Vanden Ameele

Practice Areas: Banking – litigation, Competition law, Contract & Commercial, Corporate – general, Corporate litigation, Employment law, Family law, Insolvency / (Debt) restructuring, Intellectual property, Leasing / Rent, Legal opinions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private equity, Privatisation, Product liability, Professional liability, Property, Securities, Traffic, Transport

Languages: French, Dutch, English.

  • High school, “College Saint-Augustin”, graduated in 1996 in Latin Greek
  • Law school at the F.U.N.D.P., Namur. Graduated with satisfaction in 1998
  • Law school at the U.C.L.
Anne Duchez

Anne Duchez

Practice Areas: Insurance La, Litigation, Public International Law, Family Law, Criminology and Legal Medicine, Intelectual Property.

Languages: French, Dutch, English.
Education: Law Degree 2007, Criminology and Legal Medicine.

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