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Law Link is an international law group

Law Link is an international law group established to coordinate the legally independent member offices and to provide a network of professional lawyers.

Mission Statement

Our structure is predicated on an extensive exchange of legal know-how, mutual confidence and an established uniform quality code.

This structure enables clients to find a specialised law firm in the relevant jurisdiction for all their legal needs, including litigation, negotiation, corporate, commercial, general legal advice, arbitration and mediation.

Combining the advantages of a large, international firm with the convenience, trustworthiness and personal relationship found only in small independent firms, our international law group offers you a full range of legal services throughout the world at a considerable saving in time and expense.

What do we offer?

Law Link E.E.I.G. itself does not offer legal services. Throughout our members’ offices, our structure is capable of offering you all-round service, from immediate, prompt and reliable advice to complex litigation. The shared professional experience of our members has allowed us to define the actual demands of today’s clients. We have summarized them as follows and we stay open to any suggestions clients would want to make in order to improve our services:

  1. Confidentiality and trustworthiness
    We are bound by very strict ethical rules imposed by our respective national Bar Associations. Throughout our organisation, clients will find convenience, trustworthiness and personal relationship.
  2. Precise analysis of the situation
    Clients legitimately ask for precise advice which takes into account not only the legal aspects of the matter, but also the financial and economical implications of their acts and decisions.
  3. Efficient communication
    Our independent member offices are dedicated to our clients’ needs and respond to them with the necessary promptness. We insist on high standard service that is furthermore rapid and flexible. The system of communication between the members allows us to stay in contact permanently and to assure fluent transmission of information.
  4. Availability
    The member offices assure availability to the clients and their needs. They are at your disposal.
  5. Cost effectiveness and information exchange
    Our members strongly emphasize the exchange of information, advising clients while taking into account the financial aspects of their projects. Costs and the potential marginal benefits of legal action to come to the best possible outcome are compared.
  6. Training
    We stress continuous development and training of our members, including the exchange of young lawyers between offices. Therefore, we are able to anticipate your legal concerns and to be a source of advice that does not stop at the first obstacle.
    This permanent development and exchange of information allows us to provide creative legal solutions to all our member´s clients.
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