For more than 10 years now, the law firm Sub Rosa Legal has specialized in legal services tailored to the needs of businesses and business people.
Starting out from each client’s particular circumstances, our multidisciplinary team aims to add value by rationalizing and improving the protection of the client’s organization.
While placing the focus on preventive action and negotiation, Sub Rosa Legal supports its clients in all the procedures they undertake, whether on the Belgian market or abroad.

Rue de Livourne − Livornostraat 13−15 – 1060 Brussels – Belgium
Phone: +32-2-5383250 | Fax: +32-2-5380799
Lawyers: Mrs Sandra Gobert, Mr Sidney Lefèvre, Mr Julien de Cartier, Mr Lucas Lenaerts


Sandra Gobert

Sandra Gobert

Lawyer and managing partner
Member of the Bar of Brussels since 1992

Legal expertise and in-depth experience of commercial law, company law and contract law, particularly:

  • Founding and restructuring companies and associations, including internal conflict resolution
  • Private and public enterprise governance, as regards assessing structures, strategies and risks
  • Contracts for transportation logistics and distribution
  • Real estate law

Languages: French, Dutch, English. Basic knowledge of German and Italian.

Sidney Lefèvre

Sidney Lefèvre

Lawyer and lecturer
Member of the Bar of Brussels since 2002

In-depth knowledge of commercial law (contracts, negotiations, litigation), liability law, construction law, tenancy law, traffic law and private security law (security guards – the “Tobback Law”), and criminal law.
Since 2009, lecturer at EFP (Infac-Infobo) on “Rights and obligations under applied common law” and “Studies on the regulations governing security provision and in-depth studies of the rights and obligations of security guards.”

Languages: French, Dutch, English.

Julien De Cartier

Julien de Cartier

Member of the bar of Brussels since August 2018
Specialised in company law and intellectual property law

Languages: French, English.

Lucas Lenaerts

Lucas Lenaerts

Member of the bar of Brussels since November 2018

Languages: Dutch, English, French, basic knowledge of German.

Thierry Decoster

Thierry Decoster

Jurist – Legal Assistant
1992 to 2016, Lawyer at the Bar of Mechelen
Since 2017, legal assistant at Sub Rosa Legal

Languages: Dutch, French, English.

Charlotte Pisane

Charlotte Pisane

Office Manager

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Dutch.

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