Founded by Mr Bob Schuit in 1973, our law firm’s offices are located in a stately building across from the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.We provide legal aid to corporate and private clients, including services provided pro bono. Our firm serves as a large scale litigation and debt collection for clients both foreign and domestic. We are a member of the Dutch Vereniging Incasso- en procesrecht Advocaten [Association of Invoice and Procedural Lawyers], the Law Link Nederland lawyer network, and the collaborative Law Link International.
Our firm’s vision is to provide traditional and swift service, with an emphasis on personal and confidential client contact. Our “office with a view” not only keeps an eye out for the interests of justice, but also looks out on the former entrance to the Rijksmuseum, singularly captured on canvas by renowned Dutch painter Carel Willink. The only known replica of this masterpiece was gifted to our firm by Mrs. Sylvia Willink-Quiël.

Our firm is a member of Law Link Netherlands and International.
Law Link Netherlands has existed as an actively cooperative network of lawyers for 25 years. Since 2007, its emphasis has been on preserving and transferring knowledge. To that end, former colleague Edo Polak and SPH partner Edwin Slager founded Law Link College. Law Link College provides yearly multi-day courses, and is an educational institute recognised by the Dutch Orde van Advocaten [Order of Attorneys].
Law Link International is a cross-border collaboration of law firms in various countries, including France, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Dubai, Chili, the Netherlands Antilles, and Brazil.
Membership of this lawyer network allows our firm to provide legal aid to our clients abroad at fixed rates.
Members of this collaborative effort meet up at one of its member states twice a year. Since 2015, Evert van den Hout has held the role of president of Law Link International.
In addition, our firm is also a member of the Oram and Westpoort associations of undertakings, and the Dutch Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel [Society for Industry and Trade], est. 1777.

Areas of Law
Our firm specialises in:
Contract Law / Labour Law / Tenancy Law / Real Estate Law / Procedural Law / Family Law / Construction Law / Assignment Agreements / Invoicing

Based on our years of procedural experience, we can take pride in our competitive rates for (invoicing) procedures.
We recommend that clients do not wait past 4 weeks before contacting us about outsourcing their outstanding payment claims.
Clients are always provided with an exact maximum cost figure once we take a case on board, making sure there are no unpleasant surprises. Our firm also provides debt collection procedures abroad through our Law Link International lawyer network.

Jan Luijkenstraat 20 – 1071 CN Amsterdam – Netherlands
[ PO Box 53146 – 1007 RC Amsterdam ]
Phone: +31-20-673-62-11  | Fax: +31-20-673-60-63
Lawyers: Mr. Evert T. van den Hout / Stephan Kloosterman / Sandjay Tuithof


Evert T. Van Den Hout

Evert T. van den Hout

Evert studied Law at the University of Utrecht. Following his studies, he served as legal officer to the Staff of the Royal Dutch Airforce.

In 2000, Evert became a partner at Schuit Polak Van den Hout Advocaten following his internship in the world of advocacy.
Evert focusses on contract law, trade law, procedural law, and (international) invoicing practice. His litigation practice mainly takes place in the service of debt collection firms, credit insurance companies, and collection companies.

Evert is the president of the Law Link International collaboration and, among others, is a member of the Dutch Vereniging van Incasso- en Procesrecht Advocaten [Association of Invoicing and Procedural Lawyers] as well as a member of the Royal Industriële Groote Club.

Languages: Dutch, English

Stephan Kloosterman

Stephan Kloosterman

Stephan studied Dutch Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
During his studies, Stephan was already active at our firm as a legal assistant, focussing mainly on the invoicing and insolvency practice. In addition, Stephan has working experience as a lawyer for the Dutch Court in Amsterdam.
Following his studies, Stephan joined our firm as lawyer in 2012. Stephan’s specialties include, but are not limited to, tenancy law, real estate law, construction law, and contract law.
Stephan is an active member of the Amsterdam Oram and Westpoort associations of undertakings.

Languages: Dutch, English

Sandjay Tuithof

Sandjay Tuithof

Sandjay studied Dutch Law at the University of Utrecht.
Following his studies in 2008, Sandjay worked as a lawyer for a major Credit Management Organisation for several years, earning him a wealth of legal experience. In 2015, Sandjay joined our firm as lawyer.
Since joining our firm, Sandjay has focussed on contract law, tenancy law, labour legislation, banking law, and consumer law. In addition, Sandjay performs independent invoicing for an important client.
Sandjay is an active member of the Amsterdam Oram and Westpoort associations of undertakings.

Languages: Dutch, English

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