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Trompenburg lawyers is an office in Haarlem, the Netherlands, with three lawyers working in various fields. We have years of experience in the fields of tenancy law, family law, corporate law, employment law, criminal law and debt collection.
Our office is affiliated with EESV Law Link, both a national as an international association of lawyers. This network enables us, if necessary, to gain expertise elsewhere or to seek help from a lawyer abroad.
We try to find  the best solution for your problem together with you. Sometimes this will be a legal procedure, other times an advice.
Our office also works on the basis of legal aid from the government.

Schoterweg 12 – 2021 HM Haarlem – Netherlands
Phone: +31-23-5255959 |


Frits Huizinga

Frits Huizinga

After an education in economics followed by law school in Utrecht and Amsterdam and having worked in the business sector for some years I have been working as a lawyer since 1979. In 1991 I started the office on the Schoterweg 12 Haarlem located at the former location of Villa Trompenburg. Our office has taken its name from there.
My practice includes counseling and procedures in several areas, including employment law for both employers and employees, tenancy law and support for entrepreneurs in SMEs. My basic principle is that if possible disputes can be settled outside of court but when necessary to  deal with a case in court as quickly as possible.
In addition, I keep myself busy with family law and in some cases with criminal law.
In my spare time sport has an important role in my life, especially in terms of governance. I have various positions and for several years I am president of a professional sports association in Haarlem, so I also have regular meetings with other associations and the municipality of Haarlem on professional sports.

Languages: Dutch, English, German.

Désirée Maes

Désirée Maes

I have been working as a lawyer since 2005, in which I mainly occupy myself with matters relating to family law. Before that I worked as a real estate jurist at a legal expenses insurer. I have also been working as a consultant for SMEs.
The very fact that I can combine these different areas of expertise, means that I can assist you on a wide range.
I am a committed lawyer and with every client I research what will benefit my client the most: starting negotiations or rather a procedure seeking to achieve my client’s rights. This can vary for each client and for each case.
Furthermore I am socially involved. As such I’m working as a lawyer for the people by the Food Bank. I have a free walk-in consultation and give people advice.
I have also set up the Pink Lawyer, for which I have set up a website This initiative started because I got more and more LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) clients in my family law practice that focused on lesbian parenthood, transgender, discrimination, etc. For a number of new laws this is a discipline for which specialist knowledge is a requirement, and I have immersed myself in it. Furthermore, it can be comfortable as my LGBT clients feel at ease with a lawyer who has not only the expertise but also understanding for the case.

Languages: Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Erik Huizinga

Erik Huizinga

I graduated from Leiden University in 2010 where I studied Japanese along with Law. In 2011 I started working as a lawyer at Trompenburg Lawyers.
In the legal profession, I have immersed myself in a broad range of topics, from family law to labor and tenancy law, but also criminal law. What I particularly like is the personal aspect, which in turn is different in every case. I like to take the trouble to look at the underlying situation to come up with a personal approach. This way I can work with you to see how we can best come to a solution. This way it is often possible to avoid a procedure entirely, and arrangements can be made that ultimately turn out better for all parties involved. But when litigating the best or only option then I give 100% for my client in the courtroom as well.
In addition to the legal profession my passion for Japan has always stayed with me. I have set up a foundation in 2011 to promote modern Japanese culture here in the Netherlands, where I am regularly active as its chairman and organize a large festival once a year, by and for fans of Japanese culture, under the name Nishicon:

Languages: Dutch, English, Italian.

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