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António Costa Rodrigues, born New York, Degree in Law, in the area of Legal Sciences, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, 1982, Master’s in “International Cooperation and Development Management”2000 – Moderna University of Lisbon. Member of the Portuguese Bar Association since 1985. Member of Parliament 1995-99/2011-2015 – member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, European Affairs Committee, Constitutional Committee, Chair Parliamentary Group UK and member of the group USA and Ukraine, Vice President Board Parliamentary Group of PSD (Social Democrat Party). Member elected of the Parliamentary Assembly Union for the Mediterrean. University Lecturer (1983-2008) University Of Lisbon (1983-1985) Higher Institute of Educational Sciences (2002-2005) Moderna University of Lisbon (1990-2008) Disciplines lectured Political Science and Constitutional Law, International and European Law and European Institutions. International Legal Consultant 1999 – 2007 – expert accredited by the World Bank and the European Commission – 4 missions in Cape Verde and 2 missions to Angola in the Administrative Law field. Member of the Association of Lawyers of Portuguese spoken Countries. Several lawks published. Commentator of Economic TV and columnist of Diário Económico. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Intelligence Service of Portuguese Republic.

Practice Areas: Banking and Finance, Company law, Law of Insolvency, Debt Restructuring, Credit Recovery, Public Procurement, Insurance Law, Arbitration, Civil Litigation, Administrative Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Taxation law, Traffic Law, European Law.

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