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Being a lawyer in Luxemburg since 7 February 1975, Claude Wassenich obtained his licence in private law at the university of Nancy in 1974 and followed complementary courses in the law of Luxemburg afterwards. From the very beginning of his activities he has worked on building his own firm under his name.
Claude Wassenich has worked with numerous partners in different legal fields. As of today he is specialised in chosen legal fields where his expertise and experience are on high demand. He is specialised in civil law, criminal law, accidents, real estate and construction law, the constitution and liquidation of companies, family law (divorce) and legal procedures.
As an experienced professional he is well-known in Luxemburg and adapts effectively with his colleagues in an international manner in order to render the best service to his clients. He also holds several memberships in organisms which allow him exclusive professional practice in numerous countries in Europe and worldwide. He benefits from relations with chosen partners who guarantee appropriate services in the countries where specific laws need to be applied.
Maitre Wassenich has a wide range of interests. First of all he likes sport in general. After being a successful basketballer for several years he discovered his passion for winter sports. As a result he became the national responsible for Luxemburg of Skilex International in 2000, an international organisation of lawyers who take care of the legal side of mountain / winter He also has a great passion for airplanes, old cars and music from the 1950s up until today.
Claude Wassenich knows how to surround himself with and share his passion and perseverance in a competitive sportive spirit & fair play, which guarantees the gain for the best results in competitions.

Practice Areas: administrative law, civil law (inheritance), criminal law, accidents, construction and engineering law, company constitution and domiciliation, liability law and family law (divorces).

Languages: German, French, English

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