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I graduated from Leiden University in 2010 where I studied Japanese along with Law. In 2011 I started working as a lawyer at Trompenburg Lawyers.
In the legal profession, I have immersed myself in a broad range of topics, from family law to labor and tenancy law, but also criminal law. What I particularly like is the personal aspect, which in turn is different in every case. I like to take the trouble to look at the underlying situation to come up with a personal approach. This way I can work with you to see how we can best come to a solution. This way it is often possible to avoid a procedure entirely, and arrangements can be made that ultimately turn out better for all parties involved. But when litigating the best or only option then I give 100% for my client in the courtroom as well.
In addition to the legal profession my passion for Japan has always stayed with me. I have set up a foundation in 2011 to promote modern Japanese culture here in the Netherlands, where I am regularly active as its chairman and organize a large festival once a year, by and for fans of Japanese culture, under the name Nishicon:

Languages: Dutch, English, Italian.

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